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Re-Grout & Silicon Work

Do your tiles and grout need a facelift – Are they looking tired, dirty and dull?  Then maybe your tiles are in need of a re-grout.    

What is Regrouting?

Re-grouting is a process that will dramatically improve the appearance of a tiled area without the need to replace the tiles.  In most instances, it is not always the tile that makes an area look ugly but in most cases is the discoloured grout.

What is involved in a Re-Grout?

At Advanced Tile & Stone Solutions we use a specially designed mechanical tool that removes 3-4mm of grout.   Once all the grout has been removed we replace with new grout, either a colour matched grout or a new colour – that is completely up to you.  Once your grout has been replaced the area is cleaned and will need a few hours to dry before being able to get wet.

We also recommend protecting your tiles and new grout with a Sealer.  This will protect your new grout will make it easier to clean and prevent staining and dirt penetrating into the grout.