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Tile & Grout Protection

Main household flooring

Tile & Grout Sealing maximises the effect of your clean tiles by repelling liquids that draw dirt andgrime into the grout.  You get long lasting results with our state of the art sealers.  Allowing you to maintain your tiles with greater ease than ever before Clear penetrating sealer is best applied to new grout soon after installation to ensure stain resistance and protection right from the start, before it has the chance to get dirty!

Advanced Tile & Stone Solutions use a high quality penetrating sealer to soak deep into the grout to protect it from future discolouration and staining.  Once your tiles and grout have been protected with a sealer, the life of the tile and grout will be prolonged and provide ongoing stain resistance against most contaminants.

There are many types of tiles available in the market these days and some can be very porous.  If they are not sealed correctly from the start, they will begin to stain and inhibit dirt, grime and mould from day one.  At Advanced Tile & Stone Solutions we have a high level of product knowledge and we will ensure that the correct sealer is used based on the tiles that you have laid and that your investment will be protected.

Premium Sealers

    • New generation specialty sealer, formulated with inbuilt consolidator/hardening agent. Suitable on all forms of masonry and natural stone. Particularly effective around swimming pools for protection from salt attack whilst also offering premium protection from stains.
    • Penetrating sealers that won’t change the appearance suitable for dense stone such as porcelain, granite, dense limestone and vitrified tiles
    • Penetrating sealers suitable for semi dense stones that won’t change the appearance however may darken slightly on some stone or pavers.
    • Semi-penetrating sealers to highlight colour combining the benefits of a penetrating sealer with a wet look colour highlighting effect without the gloss.
    • Coatings to give wet look or satin gloss appearance for most porous surfaces i.e. sandstone, limestone, concrete and clay pavers
    • Consolidators to harden and bind the surface of porous and friable stones such as sandstone and limestone. Useful around swimming pools to prevent salt attack features of the Sealers that we use are

Sealer Features

favicon  2-5 year warranty          favicon  Internal/External applications          favicon  UV Stable          favicon  CSIRO Tested

favicon  Extra Tough          favicon  Penetrating          favicon  Darkening Effect          favicon  Natural Finish          favicon  Low/Medium Gloss

favicon  Water Based          favicon  Solvent Based          favicon  Alcohol Based          favicon  Pre Seal          favicon  Graffiti Coatings