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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Advanced Tile & Stone Solutions is a leader in professional tile and grout cleaning services in Perth, Western Australia.  We service both the Commercial and Residential sectors and have been in the Tile and Cleaning industry for over 30 years.

Are your tiles looking Tired, Dirty and Dull?

As tiles age, they slowly attract dirt, mould, dust and mildew.  This can sometimes be hard to clean and you can spend hours on your hands and knees scrubbing without making a difference.  We  are fully qualified and we guarantee to return your tiles and grout to original condition.  You are sure that you will be surprised by the results.

We use a professional cleaning system to remove the dirt from your tiles and grout and will restore your tiles and grout to a “like new” condition.  The process usually takes a few hours depending on the size of the job and we can ensure that no carpets or skirting will be damaged in the process.

We offer Tile, Stone and Grout cleaning services in the Perth metro area.  We can clean the following surfaces:

  Concrete            Clay            Slate            Polished Dense Stone            Bluestone            Granite

  Porcelain             Sandstone            Marble            Travertine            Bricks & Pavers            Grout

  Cement            Exfoliated            Roughened            Honed            Polished            Natural

We have a full range of cleaning products for a wide range of applications as listed below.

  • All-purpose cleaning for maintaining all types of floors from heavily soiled, post building clean ups, pre-sealing to ongoing regular maintenance of sealed and non-sealed floors.
  • Removal of grout and cement smears
  • Removal of stains from most porous surfaces i.e. terracotta and slate.
  • Removal of efflorescence
  • Conversion of rust/bore staining with complete removal from most masonry surfaces
  • Removal of rust from fibreglass in the marine industry also available
  • Removal of heavy grease and soil deposits found in kitchens, food preparation areas, plant, machinery and workshops
  • Removal of organic stains on masonry surfaces caused by moss, mould, tannins, timber and leaves
  • Removal of red dirt stains and scale deposits

We can clean tiles, grout and stone in a range of areas.. Shopping Centres, Retail Spaces, Public Conveniences, Kitchens, Living Areas, Bathroom, Laundry, Shower, Toilets, Outdoor Areas, Office Spaces, Patio & Pool areas, Hallways,